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... searching for a way home -- sora's JOURNAL
it's like i'm FLYING without WINGS...
How in the world did this ever happen to me...?

Once upon a time, I lived on an island with my parents, like a normal boy. Now, I'm with two girls in... a sewer fighting of weird black shadows called "heartless" with a giant key as a weapon.

I'm just grateful to be alive. Four small shadows could really just... take a lot out of you.

I'll make the best out of this key. I'm going to keep my promise. That incident won't ever happen again.


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I'm... starting to regret wanting to go to the castle. I didn't expect the weird, shadow things to come again; and on top of it all, I don't even have a weapon with me.

This is just great. Tifa and I are in a dangerous place, and I don't know the way out of here. We just have to go ahead then. Yeah, hopefully the castle will be so much safer.

I just hope... that if something happens to me, Tifa will be safe. She seems strong, and I'm sure she can manage without me. I'm just a kid... and I'm not strong, or a fighter at all.

Why in the world did I want to go to the castle again? Ugh, stupid stupid Sora.

Current Location: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden - Rising Falls!

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Tifa and I are going to visit the abandonded castle today. Something about it gives me the creeps, but it just looks like an interesting place. And... my instincts are telling me that something is there. Hopefully I'll find it.


A lot of people here are in black coats. I want to ask them if they know who took me here, but they just don't looks safe to talk to.


I wonder how Kairi's doing...

[ooc; TIIIFAAA~ i apologize for not making the thread on wednesday! ;____; i totally forgot about open house at school, and i got distracted. hopefully, i'll be able to make it today, or tomorrow! ♥ sorry again!]

Current Location: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden - Marketplace

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Those dreams last night. It was of my childhood, but in a past life? There were two of us; me and a silver-haired boy. I believe his name was "Riku", at least, that's what I called him in the memory.

There was a cave. Riku insisted that we go in, even though I pleaded him not to. Grasping a hold of my arm, he dragged me in.

And that's where it ended. I guess we were best friends. Sure seemed like it. Though he did seem like a jerk for dragging me in, even though I didn't want to go.

Better go find Tifa again. I don't think it's safe exploring this town alone, after a lot of investigation yesterday. The people here are so weird.

Note: Best not to talk to them. At all.

Current Location: Hollow Bastion/Radient Garden
Current Mood: awake

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After we finished exploring a bit, Tifa and I went our seperate ways. I found a nice inn somewhere close to the marketplace, so I decided to spend to night for a bit. Lucky, the people there were nice. They said I could rest there, but I had to get food and other supplies by myself. Well, it's better than nothing I guess. I'm not that hungry anyways, and I don't need much aside from new clothes.

... And if I ever do need anything, I'll just ask Tifa for money. I'm going to repay her once I make some money myself. I'll probably just going to end up working as a clerk here. Great... the last thing I want is to be work in a lame place like a shop. Why couldn't there be any cooler jobs?

So off to bed I go again. Phsh, who knows what I'll dream again this time. Hopefully no more talking animals, those dreams were the worst.

Current Location: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

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So I met a lady named Tifa today. Since the both of us were lost here, we explored together. You know, since it's always to travel with someone, since it's safer? ... Or something like that. It's all the same anyways.

I'm just afraid that if those... black things come out again, I'll just end up running away again. After all, I still have yet to get a weapon. (The prices are OUTRAGEOUS here.) I don't want to abandon Tifa when that happens though; she's so nice to me.

... She kinda reminds me of Kairi in a way. I wonder how she's doing. Ohwell, she's probably still at Twilight Town, cheery and bright as ever. Heh.

Better explore this place a bit more. There are some interesting people around, maybe they could help Tifa and I around here. And probably tell us how to get back home. Or at least... get me back home. I'm not sure where Tifa lives. Well, probably not from around here.

In the meantime, got to go find a weapon. I'd be satisfied with a stick at least. It's better than nothing, I guess.

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Current Location: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

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Those dreams I've been having, started to... connect together. I saw three people on my island. Three... one was me. Another one was Kairi. And another? I don't know who the other one was. It was strange really. We were all such good friends, and I don't remember his name. Ri... ri-something. Maybe it'll come to me next time.

I took a look around Hollow Bastion (or is it Radiant Garden?), and a small black creature came out of the walls. I stared at it, and then a few others came out. After about fifteen of them came out, they started chasing me. I ran and ran, and then they disappeared. There should be a marketplace here, right? I'm going to go get myself a weapon.

... I need money first. Drat. Well, got to go find myself a job. Man I hate manual labor.

And I'm definatly going to go find someone, and ask what those black... things were. They were so creepy looking.

Current Location: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

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I was on my way to visit Kairi, when a man wearing a black coat approached me. I didn't get to see his face, and plus he kinda freaked me out. So I ignored him, said "Excuse me", and walked right past him. He grabbed my shoulder, and he seemed to laugh a bit. I think he said something like "It's been so long, and you still haven't changed a bit."

It's been... so long? I didn't know what he was talking about, so I asked. Suddenly, I saw his hand reach for my forehead and then...

Then I blacked out.

I'm in a strange... town, I can say. I really hope Kairi isn't looking for me, I don't want to worry her. Why am I appearing in such strange places nowadays? From my island, to Twilight Town, and now here? What's next?

I'll go ask someone where I am, and how I got here. For some reason... I see darkness, and then I'm in a completely different place. I don't know how this works, really. I hope it stops.

Current Location: Hollow Bastion, it was called? I don't know.

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I've met a girl named "Kairi" today. Funny, I can't stop saying her name earlier. Some part of me thinks that if I keep saying it over and over, I'll remember what I need to know. I swear I've seen her before. But... from where? Oh well. No use in thinking about it now. Kairi... Kairi... Kairi...?

... And I've been having those really strange dreams again. They seemed a bit clearer this time... Haha, it was so strange. I was carrying something weird... like... a GIANT KEY. What in the world caused me to dreams such silly things? And some talking animals. There was definatly talking animals. I hope I'm not going insane. That would suck.

Although I miss my island, here in Twilight Town is pretty fun. I could do things I could never dream of back home! The city is so big, and there's a lot more entertainment and buildings! I better go start enjoying myself here as much as I can. When I get back home, I'm sure I'll miss this place.
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Where in the world am I? Well… just sitting here isn’t going to get me anywhere. Think Sora, think! How did I get here?

Oh! I know!

It was that black hole… Wait. Black hole? Sounds too much like a fairytale… That’s it! I’m dreaming. Maybe if I just pinch myself--- ow!

… it hurts? Oh no, this can’t be happening. Not to me.

Current Location: a new town, twilight town?

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