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... searching for a way home -- sora's JOURNAL

it's like i'm FLYING without WINGS...

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Name: Sora
Homeland: Destiny Islands
Age: 15
Alliance: Light


Ever since he was a child, Sora has been adventerous. He loved fairytales, and has always wanted to travel places. Living on such a small island all his life, he didn't believe there was life out there. The small island and the sea that never seemed to end, Sora felt trapped in there. And yet... he never seemed to complain. What was there to complain? He was happy, nontheless. He was a normal child.

And yet, somehow, he experiences a sense of "deja-vu" everyday. He questions himself, "Have I been on this island before?" He sees people in his dreams that he knows he never met before; people, animals, and even the strangest of creatures! He has dreams; dreams that show him with many friends surrounding him, protecting him. And nightmares; nightmares that showed him being engulfed in neverending darkness, alone. On his fifteenth birthday, as he lay in bed, he seemed to be falling. Falling… falling into darkness that never seemed to end, just like his nightmares. When the falling seemed to end… he was in a completely different world. A new world, and out of his island.

Ever since then, he's figuring out who he is. He's searching for destiny, and a way back home.


Kairi - shine_upon
A girl I met at Twilight Town. She was the first friend I made in a new city/area. She's really nice to me, despite me being a total stranger to her. I hope we get to know each other better.

... Somehow, I know her from somewhere. But where?

Tifa - finalhavendest
A lady I'm currently traveling with in Hollow Bastion. We're exploring the area together.

played by iserial for kh_rebirth

another note; if i need to be contacted, my AIM is falling prayers, my YIM is frivoliity, and MSN is bubblextea@hotmail.com. (MSN is rarely used. rarely meaning = not at all)

i'll post here, or in the main comm. if i make sora an AIM screenname. :D until then, just contact me with my AIM.

also, if for some reason you're trying to contact me, and i don't reply/answer, send me an email at frivoliity@yahoo.com. and tell me which player you are so i don't get confused. ♥